• 30 de Diciembre, 2019

The Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar Keep Moving Forward!

Ps. Samuel David, Superintendent of the WMM in Asia, together with Ps. Cesar Rueda, visited some of the churches in the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar in December, 2019.

The WMM in the Philippines held a beautiful baptism ceremony, in which 5 Philippino brethren were baptized to confirm their total surrender to God. The new facilities for the central church in Lagro, Quezon City, were also inaugurated during this missionary trip. In this country, 5 Colombian missionaries are working fervently to continue spreading God's Word in this nation that has so much spiritual need. 

In Malaysia, Ps Murasurajan, keeps serving God faithfully and the church keeps moving forward. And in Myanmar, the 4th Convention of the WMM churches in this nation was held. The presence of God was manifested mightily during all the services, and the ministerial body was strengthened to persevere preaching the Word of God not only in this country, but wherever God opens new doors. 

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